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Decent enough editor

But the PDFs look like crap. The bold fonts overlap, and the code blocks are borring compared to the preview. Expected more for the money.

So simple an idiot like me can use it

This is a well writen simple app without a whole lot of power features that get in the way. There is an editing window and a preview window right next to it. Very simple to use, pick up, and be productive in a minutes - not hours.

Good but needs a simple improvement

The app is very good, but in my opinion it requires a basic toolbar to allow using the styles without having to know the Markdown syntax (for bold, Headings, etc…). It is a simple feature but it is going to save a lot of typing/and knowledge on the syntax. For me, it should be also good to have a CSS editor or, templates to choose the style you want (colors, fonts, etc..) Rate as 4 but it’s a great app.

Time for a refresh

I got this app over a year ago, and I’ve been liking it well enough, but it’s time for a refresh. Some little things need attention. For example, github will not render headers now unless there’s a space after the number sign (#). I had to manually change a lot of these instances in my github projects' documentation. Alas, there is precious little else out there for even mediocre markup editing, so go ahead and download this one. You’re certain to be whelmed.

Clean app, but mostly dead?

Simple, clean highly-focused app. But it hasn’t seen an update in 2 years or so. Dead? Mostly dead? It’s starting to show its age if only in the aging UI conventions. Would love to see a simple update, even if just to polish it up to current macOS UI conventions, maybe add a “Check for Updates…” menu selection, and show proof of life. Or, if it’s abandoned (the developer’s web site copyright statement in the footer is several years without an update too), just pull it. Would give 5 starts just for proof of life.

Resize images.

I wish it could support resize the images. That will help a lot

It does not support footnotes

It is also disappoiting that they do not reply to your emails.

Works, but needs updates

A decent dedicated package, but it’s been a while since it’s been updated, and it’s not taking advantage of new OS improvements.

Nice app...too bad it crashes often on me

Nice app. Love the fact that I can write markdown and see the HTML next to it! It is too bad it crashes often on me (half a dozen times in the last two days with a few hours usage). Sometimes it has saved what I was working on but often not. Additionally, there is no way to sync the editor and preview so I have to keep scrolling so they match. I am on 10.11

Best MarkDown editor for macOS (tried a bunch of them)

If you want simple, easy, reliable, and usable, look no further. MarkDown Pro is the BBEdit of the markdown world.

Cancelled my $30/mo subscription when I found this.

Markdown Pro just replaced the web service I was being forced to use to generate documents. The web service is ridiculously overpriced and slow, and it dawned on me that someone had to have made a desktop app that would take our markdown and our template. I am such a fan that I had to write a review. Bonus -- I never have to use again.

Very good Markdown Editor

A very good markdown editor for working with Github files. I would like it to show images similar to how Github does so however.

Fairly Good Markdown Tool

Pros: I love the PDF export functionality, CSS theming, and simplicity. Cons: It can't handle a third level of list indentation.

Awesome Markdown Editor

I’m really very impressed with MarkdowPro. It’s easy to use, and file managment is very easy. I love that I can have automatic preview rather than having to do it later. I write software help files for my company in Markdown, so I don’t have time to go back and fix formatting issues. This saves so much time.

Almost perfect

I love using it, I just wish I could do vim or emacs, just saying :P

Don’t Interrupt for Reviews

Don’t interrupt my workflow to ask for a review.

Good, but can’t open some md files

If an md file has a link to another md file in the same folder, this app can’t open it. Meaning I have to open each and every linked file manually instead of clicking in the preview. The message is, “The application “Markdown” does not have permission to open “” Seems like a sandbox issue.

Works great.

Does what it says. I use it frequently.

Very nice

I like this tool, especially for creating syllabi and other online documents; no fussy battles like in M/word formatting, it is straight on and does not pretend to be something else other than what it is. I’ve been using it on Mac for a number of years. I would recommend it to future users.

Saved images lost

I learned how to write markdown using this tool. But it loses the images once you reopen the saved file.

Good, but could use some improvement

I had a question before I purchased and I've had one issue since purchasing. Support has been unresponsive, which is a shame. I think this has a lot more potential than what's already there. Barring the desire to use custom CSS, I could still use this on an almost daily basis. I'm sticking with the editor I was using prior. Is it worth the 10 USD? Probably. It's just not up to what I want.

Of all the markdown editors I’ve tried, this is the best for printing

This has most of the features I’d look for in any paid markdown editor, and there’s really nothing that it doesn’t do well. Specifically, this is the best app I’ve found for PRINTING markdown documents. I’ve created a stylesheet specifically for printing markdown docs at my office, and it has become INVALUABLE for me. Yes, I could PDF in ohter apps and then print, or I could copy and paste into MS Word, but this is great. I tend to not write from scratch in this app for two small reasons: 1. You currently can’t change the font in the editor. It’s purely an esthetic issue, but I don’t like writing creative content in an enviornment with a code editor feel. 2. A few other markup-based writing apps have live outlines based on headers in the document. This makes for much easier navigation for me. If this app had those two features, it would be 5-star. I woudl start and end my day in this writing app alone. But as-is, most defitinetly worth the money!

A good editor, but ...

Being a cross platform person, who does some light HTML creation, I love markdown. On the Mac, without a doubt, Markdown Pro is my favorite go to editor (and I have a few installed). It is outstanding in versioning, and its “remembering” what I was working on when I do something stupid. But that is a Mac trait these days. However, I do prefer Markdown Pad on the PC. It is just a bit more convenient, and intuitive to use. Not sure how to bridge the gap, both products are great, but I give the nod to the PC program (one of the rare times that I can say that. The one annoying thing is that when I am working on longer documents, the “preview” screen doesn’t scroll when you keep typing, so you have to keep mousing over and recentering the view.

Use it Daily

I find it to be a very good tool.. Though I found lightpaper which is still free and is about the same level of throughness to the spec. Markdown Pro’s reversioning puts it above, way above, lightpaper. Though LP does cross-view better and has footnotes implemented a bit better. My Current Thoughts: ISSUES: 1. footnotes needs work 2. preview cross-viewing updates the right side jumps. Just needs to be a cleaned up a bit. 3. Long documents are hard to read. The rendered version is hard to sync with the edited version takes abit of hunting. Would like to click on rendered and have editor sync 4. PDF has issues with pagination 5. Manage save times for git LIKES: 1. CSS Templates 2. Revert To 3. PDF/HTML Export 4. It has footnotes which is awesome, but need its to be [^#] instead of ^[#] and the referring links need to work. 5. Preview- side by side. Would like to have: 1. Change font and bg/fg color in editor side 2. Footnotes 3. Side By Side to be in sync 4. Click on preview text and match and highlight markup text. 5. Would like to have a hotkey to bring it up and down 6. Stick it in the Mac OSX Menu bar for better access (so it can be managed with Bartender) All in all, I am ok with spending 10$, there is great value here. I have grown accustom to markdown pro over lightpaper. I am interested version 2.0

OK editor spolit by way too many total crashes!

OK editor spolit by way too many total crashes! Needs some serious debugging before it is worth more than 2 stars. Should be free untill it is fixed.

Does the job

Easy to use and does a great job at what it is meant to do. Loses a star for lack of VIM keybindings and ability to change from black on white editing

Solid markdown editor

Great editor for doing quick edits or building large markdown documents. The only feature missing in my opinion is cross-view scroll syncing and cross-view highlighting. If you're working on a long document, it's easy to lose your place between the raw text view and the rendered markdown view as they scroll independently and there's no automated way to get them to the same spot. I filed a feature request and the author says that feature is coming in 2.0. Until then, this is still my go-to markdown editor.

Love this editor

The recent fix to PDF export was my only outstanding issue. And the developer was responsive to my feedback. Worth every penny.

A reliable markdown editor with a few gotchas

I’ve found this to be a nice and reliable markdown editor, but it has a few small gotchas. Perhaps the biggest is that it often seems to make small changes to the source file asynchronously. This causes problems with committing the file to source control repository as I’ll think that the file has been saved and then I’ll go to commit and I’ll get a warning about unsaved changes. Aside from that this is a fine editor that works quite well. The ability to give arbitrary CSS files for templates is great too and very well appreciated.

Great Markdown Editor

For the price, this is a great markdown editor. Highly recommended, came to me from a colleague’s recommendation. Haven’t regretted the download since. OS X 10.10 support is outstanding.

No better than Mou, which is free

This app does almost as much as Mou, except that this app costs $10 and Mou is free. The critical missing feature is synchronous scrolling; as I scroll around on the plain text pane, I’d like to see the markdown pane scroll as well. Without that, it gets really confusing and I waste a lot of time manually scrolling.

Solid Markdown Editor

Markdown Pro is my go-to Markdown editor on my Mac. I use it consistently for a broad range of documents, from weekly status reports to blog posts, using the simple Markdown approach to get more writing done without the distraction of formatting, etc. The preview pane is excellent for seeing how the document lays out when it's time, and I copy from the preview pane to send a formatted version to recipients who need it. Formatting and exporting options are the areas that could use some additional features, but it does "just work" and if you're a Markdown user, it's the best one I've found.

Mostly likable, but I can’t use my css templates and ...

I’ve been using Mou and Markdown Pad 2 (PC) and I had high hopes for Markdown Pro. I’m appalled that the preview screen doesn’t sync with the editor location. I could get over that. But I can’t use my style sheet. So this is fairly useless. Email to RADSense has gone unanswered. I’d like to put all the markdown editors into a blender and pour out a really functional (cross platform would be nice) tool. Wish I could get a refund unless I find a fix for the css issue.

BUGGY, BUGGY….Is so cool if it works

I love MarkDown Pro and it could be sol cool! However, it has been sooooooo buggy, buggy, buggy. It freezes up so often and looses some of your work when it does. You get the spinning rainbow wheel of death all too often. I am busy and just don’t have time for this freezing. I really don’t want to move to another text editor, but this has got to be fixed. I guarantee if the bugs are worked out by the devs I will give it a 5 star no problem.

Simple, Stable, Fast

The application is focused on one goal and it does it extremely well. The preview panel is completely real-time and the editor supports a lot of features I didn’t expect such as grammar and spell checking. It’s really nice to know if you have an issue in your markdown before pushing it off to some repository. Three features I’d like to see in the future: - Ability to select markdown variant (there are a few of them now) - Pinning the preview panel with the editor panel so they scroll together - Email the rendered PDF rather than/in addition to the original markdown Great tool that has made documentation less of a chore.

Great MD Editor!

Only beef is I wish is would remember my preferred HTML template.

great markdown editor or greatest markdown editor?

Like others, I left Markdown Pro and tried others but came back because of the simplicity and stability of this product. 5 stars as it does everything I need it to do and nothing else.

My GoTo Markdown Editor

Does what it says on the tin. Much like other reviewers, I’ve tried other Markdown editors, but I always come back to this one. Has the option to be a clean minimal text editor but also handles Markdown and HTML code effortlessly. I use it as for blog editing so support for HTML is my number one requirment. Has the most responsive preview screen (although it would be an added bonus if the preview scrolled with the editor). But in a nutshell - Markdown Pro just works..

Awesome markdown editor

Simple, stable and just a pleasure to use. iCloud support too. I had other markdown editors installed, but somehow I always get back to MarkdownPro.

Indeed the Best editor for Mac OS X

So many times I have tried different applications to edit Markdown Pro, but I keep coming back to this easy and efficient editor. It has the best Preview rendering of all the editors, it always keep up to the speed of typing…. Amazing….

Great app, not perfect, but great!

I love this app, it’s very useful for seeing the end result of writing markdown documents. The only problem I have with it is that it crashes quite often when you work with large documents. Other than that, it’s great! I also wish it had more templates! :)


Extra Super Awesome

Rather good, could use a little work

Thus far, I’m finding this to be the best Markdown editor in the App Store. Certainly better than Byword, which is what I was using prior to this. A few problems, findable after using it for about 5 minutes: If you hit “Save As PDF”, it will error out. Googling around shows that this happened after Mavericks shipped. Since this App hasn’t been updated for 9 months, odds are this isn’t ever going to get fixed. As others have noted, the two pane view (which is nice) scrolls separately (which is *not* nice). Overall, a good product which I expect to become my default editor. Worth $10? The lack of shipped fixes is a little disturbing, but it’s probably the best out there, so yes.

Promising, but needs an update

Hasn’t been updated in a year and a half, and the developer’s website similarly still touts its Lion support. The bug where the "Save PDF” button immediately starts printing the document has been mentioned. Has a nice two-pane Markdown preview, and exports well to HTML. I would like to see Multimarkdown support (for tables and footnotes for example).

Great BUT!

There is no use of “Save As” or any other mechanism to tell where a file is saved (no, I am not going to use “move”). Here’s the use case : I have 30 different interwined markdown documents for a project - I have no way of finding out where the file is saved on my file system. I use “open recent” and can not find any way to determing where that file may be located (to share or commit). Definitly the most troubling issue on an otherwise nearly perfect application. One feature I would live to see is the prieview align or snap to the area I am editni in the markdown area. That (optional) feature would be a serious awesome! Keep up the good work!

Best One on the Market … Unfortunately

Yep you heard me. This is definitely the best multimarkdown app I have seen (and I have tried of bunch of them). Yet, I do wish it was better. There are still some minor bugs .. such as clicking the “Save PDF” icon does nothing of the sort. It just sends the document to my printer. Same with “export to pdf.” Hmmm. Sounds like it needs a few more updates. But meanwhile, it’s the best one on the market and I use it every day.

Great Markdown Editor

I’ve used this for a few weeks now and it works very well. It renders the markdown in GitHub-flavored MarkDown, it has a nice UI, it’s easy to use. Very pleased with it. The only thing that doesn’t work that well is exporting to a PDF. At least for me, “Export to PDF” starts printing, so I (ironically) go to Print and then Save as PDF to get my PDF. Easy workaround, and well worth the other great features!

Needs an update

This ceased functioning after Mavericks was installed on my Macbook - it down crashes every time I try to save a file. If you are still on Mountain Lion, this is a FANTASTIC markdown editor. If you have moved to Mavericks, avoid it untill you see an update.

The best I've used.

Simply the best markdown editor for OSX I've found.

Nearly perfect.

The only features I wish had are a file encoding and column number indicator in the status bar. Comes with some great built in stylesheets and allows you to provide a custom one of your own. Syntax highlighting in the markdown output would also be great. All around, the best markdown editor I have found.

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